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– The selling technology is backed up with 64 business model tutorials, so even a complete newbie with ZERO experience can see results FAST.

– LIVE strategic chat support is offered 24/7 (this is NOT low-level admin support outsourced to some developing nation)

– You can pin-point the BEST eCommerce product opportunities in an INSTANT by analysing and filtering through over 87,000,000 products

– An entire CRM portal is included, meaning you can automatically contact buyers, manage orders, and generate reviews on 100% autopilot

– Advanced Split Testing software will allow you to optimize your way to the top, using nothing but brute force marketing know-how…

– You can spy on a unlimited number of competitors, watch their every move, and know exactly what they’re selling and what their revenues are at any given time (stealth competitive research)

– A ‘Finance Portal’ serves up your critical metrics at a glance, and allows you to see trends, analyze performance, and monitor profit margins seamlessly…

– Keyword Research for eCommerce has been taken to an entirely new level with the breakthrough project-based ‘seed-search’ system

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Blackbird Suite Details Just Released

If you have been looking for a suite of tools to help you take your Amazon selling business to the next level and save a lot of time in the process, then Blackbird Suite is the right choice for you. Make sure to check out this video:

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Top 7 Must Have Tools For Amazon Sellers to Take Business to The Next Level

amazon seller tools suite

Amazon is the best e-commerce site which helps you take your business to a higher level: by helping you market your goods and services, all over the world. The objective of every Amazon seller is to maximize sales, increase revenues, winning more e-commerce customers, and maintaining a competitive price of your commodities. For you to succeed as an Amazon seller, there are several Amazon seller tools, which will help you in attaining a profitable online business:

Dealer Rating tools

The evaluation tools in Amazon will help you to get feedback concerning the qualities of your products and services, from your e-commerce customers. There is an old fashion way of getting feedback, where a client would send a hand-written note, but if you want to succeed as an Amazon seller, in the modern society, you have to adopt new technologies of getting customer’s feedbacks. There are several inventions of rating tools, where a customer will give feedback by just clicking, or a touch on the screen, and you will be able to rate yourself more quickly.

Amazon tools

Amazon company offers you some tools which will make you a competitive Amazon seller, and the Amazon tools include the following:

  • A Revenue Calculator: You can purchase or download an Amazon Revenue Calculator, which ensures that all your sales remain higher than the costs, and in turn leads to the profitability of your e-commerce business.
  • Amazon Seller App: The seller app will make it possible for you to monitor all your sales over your mobile phone, or a tablet. The app will enhance an immediate response to the market needs, and to your customers when the need arises. A significant importance of the application is that you can access your Amazon account 24/7 in 360 days.
  • Volume Listing Tools: Amazon provides you with listing tools, which has a responsibility of tracking all your transactions, including; conversion from eBay, and inventory templates. Volume Listing Tool will only be available to a business organisation, but not to individual sellers.

Third Party Software

Software architects are developing software tools which can help you manage your Amazon listings, and also in achieving a higher sale volume. The tools include:

  • Scouting tools: You can use a Scouting tool to search and determine; over the web, the most competitive wholesale price for your products. Selling at this price assures you higher profit margins, which in turn lead to the success of your e-commerce firm. Some of this scouting tools include; a Scout Rabbit and Profit Bandit.
  • Repricing Tools: To win more sales and e-commerce customers, you can use a repricing tool; ScanPower, Sellery and NeatoScan, which updates the prices of your goods and services; within your parameters.
  • Listing services: Whenever you want to increase the number of products you desire to sell on Amazon platform, you can use listing software, which automates your listing of goods for sale. Some of the listing service tools you can use include; Vendio, Listtee and Solid Commerce software.

A Bar-code Scanner

A Bar-code Scanner will assist you in capturing the ISBN and UPCs for your products. The device is of great importance because it will save you time and resources when entering the codes into your computer. Entering product codes will be tedious, and there are possibilities of the error occurring on data entry. Bar-code Scanner is a cheap software, and you can purchase it from a trusted manufacturer, or you can download a free Scanner App from Amazon. It is economical to acquire an Amazon Seller App, as it encompasses a Bar-code Scanner, and several other applications, which will be useful to you, as an Amazon seller.

Inventory Tracking Tools

Stock taking is a task which many entrepreneurs do not do most often, as they find it tedious because you have to account for every item in your vast inventory. There are inventions of inventory tracking tools, which will assist you in managing your inventory, in a fast and easy way. Managing your inventory well will make your business profitable: by reducing overhead costs, associated with poor management of stock. Such inventory tools include; Stitch Lab, Inventory Lab, Teikametrics and Seller Active. The tools are cheaply available in software stores, or you can download them from Amazon.

Tax Compliance Tools

When you want to sell an item online, there are sales taxes which are chargeable in the transaction, and each state will charge differently for these products. As an Amazon seller, it is a wise decision to first take into account the amount of taxes state charges, because e-commerce business can attract higher taxes than other types businesses. You should also select the appropriate tax tool, to ensure that you are paying taxes to the correct state. There are several sites you can download tax compliance tools, but the most trusted source is Avalara TrustFile, and it will provide you with all the tax services and instruments you need.

Dymo Label Printer

The label printer is usually used together with third party software, to produce labels for your products before shipment. As an Amazon seller, you must have the tool, and it will help you in printing other relevant information on your products, such as; expiration date labels, stickers, suffocation warning and many others. Dymo Label Printers are mostly used by large organisations or individuals and produces tags and sticker to great batches. The printers are; cheaper to acquire, they do not require much maintenance, and they will offer you a long-term service.

E-commerce business needs Amazon sellers who are vigilant and optimistic, for their businesses to become successful. Every Amazon seller must use all Amazon seller tools available including; repricing tools, rating tools, scouting tools, Amazon Seller App and many others if they want to increase their sales and revenues. The tools are available at lower prices in the software stores, or you can download free tools from Amazon website.

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